Spring Dresses!


by Aubrey Andel

Founded by highschool sweethearts Susan and Eric, ModCloth has become the go-to online destination for retro, indie and vintage-inspired clothes and accessories.

Spring Dresses!

Over 700 independent designers contribute to make ModCloth a vibrant, social marketplace. You can Be the Buyer and vote on clothing that ModCloth will create, or inspire and admire at the Style Gallery where you can share photos of outfits. There are even ModStylists on hand to personally help you solve all your pairing predicaments.



Apartment Decor and Accessories

Apartment Decor and Accessories

There’s so much to choose from: clothes, shoes, accessories, household items. There’s even a Gifts for Guys section with cool t-shirts, books and gadgets.

Gifts for Guys

Gifts for Guys

ModCloth is now available in the shopping bag in your online room, the best place to mix and match fashion and technology.

Discover the Web from your Online Room | MyWebRoom.com

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2 thoughts on “ModCloth

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  2. Hi, I’m Laura Beth from perchedonawhim.org. I am a HUGE fan of Modcloth! I have used it to stock my own closet, as well as for finding gifts for my dearests. Glad you’re promoting such a great site!

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