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Stereomood – Emotional Internet Radio

by Aubrey Andel

Sometimes you’re grumpy, lazy, excited or feeling creative and want some music to match your mood. Although Stereomood was created by friends in Milan, Italy in 2008 after listening to the same song one too many times, it’s new to us and we thought we’d share this streaming site that turns your mood into music.

MyWebRoom Stereomood

Choose a mood tag or type in however you’re feeling and Stereomood will start playing songs curated from the top 150 international music blogs. It’s free to use, you can discover new tunes, tag music, and share playlists on your social sites. You can check out their apps too. We’ve been using Stereomood here in the Rooms Inc. office when we’re tired of flipping through our random iPod songs. Sometimes we’re Energetic, and sometimes we just want to Chill Out.

Some current mood tags on the site are Lost in Jamaica, Absolutely Mad, Sitting on the Toilet, Asleep on My Feet and Space Trip.

MyWebRoom Stereomood 3

If you’re tired of your alarm’s annoying buzz forcing you out of bed, try Stereomood’s Mood O’Clock, an alarm that lets you “choose the morning mood you want to be woken up to and delivers an ideal soundtrack to the early moments of light.” You’ll want to open your eyes to see the image Steromood’s chosen to match your mood. And can share your morning mood on Facebook and Twitter so your friends will know if they should keep their distance from you that day!

MyWebRoom Stereomood 2

Add Stereomood to your virtual room’s Music Box on You can place it in one of the cool new radios we’ve designed for you, if you’re in the mood.

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