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Say Goodbye to all your tabs!

by John Gonzalez, co-Founder

Does your browser look like this?

Or like this?

Have you ever imagined a browser without tabs? A clean interface where you don’t need to keep tabs open to keep the content alive? Something more like this!

Then say hello to and goodbye to your messy browser. This is your solution to never have to deal with tabs ever again!

In our latest update, we added a feature that will allow you to browse multiple pages in an easy and seamless way without losing the information you care about. For example, now you can read multiple news articles across different sites like Gawker, Pulse, WSJ, and the New York Times easily and without the mess of tabs. MyWebRoom knows which of your favorite sites are active, and which are not, so that you can easily go back to the ones you are using.

Also, if you want to take a break from catching up on news and go into Google docs to get some work done, you can access your documents right away without having to worry about your news articles getting lost. The tabs are not there, but the content is waiting for you inside your objects.

It’s just simple, beautiful multi-tasking.

We also added a new button to our toolbar in the shape of a star! By clicking on it you will be able to see all the active pages and services you have open and easily access them with just one click.

This is great if you want to play some music while you do some shopping on Ebay, or if you want to take a break from reading news and flex your mental muscles with brain exercises on Luminosity.

Join us today and start accessing all your online information in the cleanest and most intuitive way available on the web.

- John Gonzalez

Founder, President, and true believer of

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